Friday, October 7, 2011

Bariatric Surgery Diet Foods - What Am I Going to Eat?

If you are having weight loss surgery, bariatric surgery diet foods are something you will become well acquainted with before your surgery and in the three months following your weight reduction surgery. You will take the time to learn about these foods and will have them in your home before you return from the hospital following your surgery.

Bariatric surgery diet foods are the foods that you are going to be eating during the second step of the gastric bypass diet. This is the most fragile part of the diet. You are still recovering from your surgery, your stomach pouch is as small as it will ever be and it will hold less now than any other time. This means your calorie intake will be very low and you have to make every calorie count and that means eating protein.


The foods you are allowed during this step are strained and pureed foods, baby food and high protein bariatric shakes. Now, it is easy to find shakes that are designed especially for bariatric patients. They contain the necessary protein, their calories are low and they contain very little or no sugar. The nice thing about these shakes is that anyone can use them to lose weight. If you get to the point later in your weight loss journey where you have hit a plateau or have gained a few pounds, these bariatric protein shakes can help get things back on track. Many patients will use these shakes from time to time for the rest of their lives.

Once you have used these bariatric diet foods for 2-3 months, you will be ready to reintroduce soft foods back into your diet. Try a new food each day, so that you will know what your body will and will not tolerate. If you are like me, you will eventually be able to eat everything again. Some people will struggle with certain foods through the rest of their lives and will eliminate these foods from their diets. Most all foods can be eaten in moderation. Foods high in fat and sugar will present the biggest problem for most patients.

Losing weight, even after surgery is a process and you will be learning the whole way. You have to keep in mind that losing weight is not only about using gastric bypass foods, but about having a healthy mental attitude that will carry through to the maintenance part of your journey.

Bariatric Surgery Diet Foods - What Am I Going to Eat?



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