Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Easy Vegetable Soup Diet

A vegetable soup diet is an unbelievable way to both lose weight and pack your body full of nutrients. There's separate approaches you can take to a vegetable soup diet. You can go all out and do an exclusive vegetable soup diet, or you can plainly replace it with a few of your meals, which will cut down your extensive caloric intake, while adding a horde of new nutrients to your diet you normally wouldn't get. Whichever way you go about your vegetable soup diet, it's prominent to keep a few things in mind.


Just buying canned vegetable soup from the store is not the way to go for a true vegetable soup diet. The sodium article is through the roof and the vegetable article is often weak. This can for real lead to bloating and a false sense of cusine and nutrition.


Standard vegetable soup diet recipes tend to involve adding a lot of salt to the mix causing the broth to once again comprise a high level of sodium. And many vegetable soup diet recipes call for potato's which have a relatively high glycemic index count which one may not want when their goal is to lose weight with the vegetable soup diet.

So whats the respond to going about creating the easiest, healthiest vegetable soup diet? Use a food processor and/or juicer. A good inexpensive choice I've come over is the juicer put out by the fitness guru Jack Lalanne. This isn't a plug, it's just a relatively cheap motor that i've found kills two birds with one stone. And it's easy as you don't have to stand nearby and peel all your vegetables. Most of them you can just stick right in the machine. What happens is you get a puree juice from the vegetables, and you also get the left over "pulp" as well in a separate container. This makes it perfect for a vegetable soup diet. You get both the broth and leftover vegetable chunks at the same time. Now of course for your vegetable soup diet you can also add your own cut up fresh vegetables. I make a tomato soup this way and then throw in fresh broccoli and bits of green pepper. This is not only good, but amazingly filling for a vegetable soup diet! You can also add in some fresh herbs or spices and you have a very unique, tasty, and filling vegetable soup diet that you'd never find in a can.

The Easy Vegetable Soup Diet



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