Monday, October 3, 2011

Candida Diet - Massive Weight Loss for Drastically Changed Diet

My friend's GP sent her to a GI to make sure that she is absorbing food because of her weight loss of 15 lbs when she is just starting a candida diet. In her opinion, it would be impossible not to lose weight for anyone with a diet that is so drastically changed. Anyway, she went to GI doctor and he wants to do a small intestine biopsy. Where she went into the hospital and got sedated, they put a tube down her throat to her small intestine.

She found this a little over the top considering he said that with her physical everything looked good, and also gave her a script for some blood tests. He seems to think that she is crazy saying it is a yeast problem. He asked, "What makes you think it is yeast?" her reply was, "Well, I have been on antibiotics for a year." Then, the doctor didn't have a comment. She is wondering if anyone ever has this procedure done.


Also, last night she had the worst pains in her upper mid abdomen (right under the breast bone). It was a burning, bloated type of pain that radiated around her back and rib cage. It felt like something was stuck. Sure enough she got sick hours later and did not start feeling any better until today. She wants to know my thoughts on this.

Although I'm not a doctor, this procedure sounds ridiculous at this point in her treatment. I have lost 66 pounds on the candida diet because I haven't graduated from phase one and it has been 5 months. Now, they are worried about weight loss. I agree with her thought that some weight loss is natural response to dietary (strict) changes. I think the thing to pay attention to is how much are you losing in a shorter time span (say monthly). I don't think you should ignore the concern, but it seems a bit cruel to put you through a procedure like that so early on.

As for the doctor's attitude about yeast: it's not up to you to explain why you think so. Pay attention to your intuition about these things. You're making some really good choices and I can empathize with your doubts about it. Blood work, etc is always a good idea to monitor things, but I just think it is ridiculous that this has been suggested after 15 pounds of loss. Anyway, I just wanted to say pay attention to yourself and your intuition. Sometimes procedures can be a giant waste of emotional energy in a situation where your body is already adapting and healing so much that things still are quite stressed on a physiological level. One important question is what can be gained from doing the procedure. My last suggestion for you is to eat lots of oil on everything.

Candida Diet - Massive Weight Loss for Drastically Changed Diet



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