Saturday, October 29, 2011

Natural Child Birth - Hospital, Birthing Center Or Home Birth Pros and Cons

Deciding where you want to give birth can be a little overwhelming. The important thing is to find what you feel is right for you. The best way to go about making this big decision is the good old pros and cons list. Its simply, easy and clear!

Hospital birth, Birthing Center, Or Home Birth?


Let's review some of the pros and cons. Hospital birth pros:

Suggested birthing place if high risk. If anything goes wrong you have immediate medical assistance. You can get some rest while the nurses take care of your baby. The room service is always nice!
Hospital Birth Cons:

Chance of being coaxed into getting drugs is high. You are not usually able to move freely and birth in different positions. Getting stuck with needles and signing paper in between contractions is never fun! Births are usually viewed as a medical condition rather than being viewed as natural. Risks of being induced, cesarean section and unnecessary medical intervention is higher! The initial bonding between parents and babies is delayed. There is always...the hospital food!
Birthing Center Pros:

They Support natural birthing! Its sorta like getting the best parts of a hospital birth with a home birth feel. Health care providers include nurse-midwives, direct-entry midwives, or nurses working with an obstetrician. You will not get coaxed into an epidural or other drugs. Low Hospital Transfer Rate! May be free-standing, on hospital grounds or inside a hospital building. More birthing options such as positions, birthing balls and water birthing.
Birthing Center Cons:

Not recommended for high risk pregnancies! If medically necessary you will have to be transferred to a hospital. If you change your mind about birthing naturally there usually are no drugs available.
Home Birth Pros:

You are in the comfort of your own home! This can be very stress relieving! No signing of papers or fetal heart monitors holding you down! Midwifes are educated on handling problems that may arise. You can give birth to your baby and climb right into your own bed. More birthing options such as positions, birthing balls and water birthing. Bonding between baby and parents is uninterrupted and highly supported.
Home Birth Cons:

If Something goes medially wrong you may have to be transferred to a hospital. You do not get room service unless you hire them! You must plan for help if you already have children so your able to rest.

These are just the basics to get you started in weighing the pros and cons of where you want to birth your baby. Its important to communicate with your partner about what you want to experience during the birth of your baby. Talk to your care provider about what the best options are for you when delivering your baby. You may find that your care provider is not the right one for you. You should shop around for a care provider that is in alignment with your beliefs around natural childbirth. Never forget this is the birth of your baby and you have a choice in how the birth takes place and with the right support you can do it the way you always dreamed of!

Natural Child Birth - Hospital, Birthing Center Or Home Birth Pros and Cons



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