Friday, August 19, 2011

18in4 Diet present

As you have probably read before I am not an advocate of rapid weight loss programs nor do I hold them for a long term clarification to weight loss. However in saying that the 18in4 program did catch my eye. As with most habitancy I guess this was because of the weight you could lose, it far exceeded anything else I had read or seen before. The inventor or owner of the diet program is James Zeta. He claims that his weight loss plan can help you to lose colse to 17 pounds in 4 days! Oh my god! Is that real, I belief he had to be on some sort of medication for well being or something similar!


Curiosity got the better of me and I had to purchase a copy at .00 for the menu plan, instructions and so forth. In the book James clearly states that he is not a medical professional nor is he a fitness or condition expert. He just created this diet in which he lost a noteworthy estimate of weight. He also gave the diet to his friends and family and they too lost a thinkable, estimate of weight. The ebook itself is very small to say the least, but I suppose if you want to lose weight in a hurry you actually only want the facts and that is what 18in4 delivers, nothing more, nothing less.


The meals are clearly laid out, morning meal is somewhat slim and I don't know how most habitancy would handle that. It is a liquid morning meal with two solid meals for lunch and dinner. You do However have to have the exact foods stated and the estimate as it has something to do with the compound of foods. Grapefruit, eggs, celery and tomatoes are an absolute must. If you don't or can't eat these foods then please don't buy the diet plan as you will not receive a refund. The only way you will get a refund is if you don't lose any weight by following the program. This is actually impossible as you would lose something over the four day duration even if it isn't 17 pounds you will still lose some weight. Once you purchase the program it is pretty much for keeps! So please bear that in mind as James is pretty staunch on the refund course from what I have read.

If you do try the diet make sure you have a well balanced eating plan to succeed right after it, as this can help you stay slim for a longer duration of time. Remember that rapid weight loss programs are only temporary. If you return to your general eating habits the weight will come back just as quick as you lost it.

18in4 Diet present



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