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The Atkins Diet Rules Explained

Following the Atkins Diet rules helped me to lose 120 pounds in about eighteen months. While I am thrilled with the results, I found that when I first started the hardest part was sticking with rules until I got a real feel for what I could and couldn't do as I went straight through the four phases.

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It sounds funny, but the part of the diet that I unmistakably found easiest was also the strictest - the Atkins Diet Induction rules. I was on this phase for about two weeks, and it unmistakably kicked off my weight loss. The intuit I found it so easy was because it was so strict. There was very minuscule room for "fudging" the diet because the guidelines were so specific.


Induction Rules

The Induction rules are very straightforward: Lots of protein and a salutary number of fats. No refined sugar or wheat products. Lots of water and liquids that don't consist of sugar or sweeteners (except some Splenda).

Eat till Satisfied, but Not Stuffed

I ate three meals a day without fail - it was leading to do this so that my body adjusted to burning off the fat and not going into a "fasting" mode when I went too long without eating. I also stuck with one of the cardinal rules of the Atkins program - I ate until I felt full and satisfied, but not stuffed. I found that over time that I had this feeling of pleasure sooner rather than later, so I learned to unmistakably listen to my body.

Stick to the Allowed Foods on the List

I never ate margarine or hydrogenated oils or trans fats. Even a minuscule bit of these can stall an entire day's worth of eating properly according to the rules. Dairy products such as milk and yogurt were out, as was fruit and fruit juice. Grains were a big no-no, and I paid attentiveness to these rules.

Eat the proper Amounts

I also paid attentiveness to amounts - for instance, only three or four ounces of cheese and no more. It can be tempting to eat a lot of the things you are allowed, but you need to keep the quantities in balance. If you're still hungry and have already eaten your reduction of cheese, for instance, eat some meat or add more salad vegetables to your diet. This is easy to do because Dr. Atkins' Induction diet rules call for up to three whole cups of salad greens every day!

Surprisingly, since I knew exactly what was permitted, it was easy for me to stick to the Atkins diet menu. I just kept a list of proper foods handy (a copy of the rules on my refrigerator and other in my wallet for eating out) at all times. I knew this was the literal, quantum of the diet rules and so I stayed within the boundaries all the time, together with drinking eight glasses of water every day.

Phases Ii, Iii and Iv

The other phases (Weight Loss, Pre-Maintenance and Maintenance) were a bit trickier. The Atkins Diet Rules are always pretty clear, but as you move from phase to phase you have to listen more to your body and adjust amounts and types of food accordingly. One of the things that took me a bit of time was studying just how many carbohydrates I could eat in a day without stalling my weight loss.

The Diet is Not Hard to Follow

Following Dr. Atkins' rules helped me to gauge what "low carb" meant for my single metabolism, but it took some fiddling around with my diet for a few days. The nice part of it was that, with new foods allowed and more leeway, I had a lot of fun studying and adjusting. It unmistakably taught me how much of a pleasure the Atkins diet can be because I could eat so many things.

The most leading part of the Atkins diet rules is insight carbohydrates and how much of them you can or can't eat. Fortunately, the book, "Dr. Atkins' New Diet Revolution," clearly outlined all things for me. It contained specific lists of foods that I could eat and even broke it down into a "ladder" so that I knew which carbs were best and which were only borderline.

For instance, according to the Atkins diet, seeds and nuts are lower carb than whole grains or starchy vegetables. The Atkins diet works for me because all things is broken down so clearly and you know exactly how to keep track of your carbs.

If you're trying to lose weight, I encourage you to take a good look at Atkins. The Atkins diet rules make it easy because you start with a literal, set of rules that will get your weight loss started - a real motivator! After you've started, the rules become less literal, so that you can stick with it for a long time without feeling deprived. And finally, Dr. Atkins has written so much about the program that you can find an answer to every food quiz, you could maybe have, development it easy to follow the rules!

The Atkins Diet Rules Explained



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