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Dukan Diet - attack Phase Success

Attack Phase Success

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A lot of people have had spectacular, success with the dukan diet. A lot of this is down to the charge phase. The charge phase is the first phase and it is the phase where you will lose most weight. Many dieters have problems with diets for a variety of reasons. Some of the shortfalls of other diets are that you have to count calories or you can only drink low fat drinks and not eat real food. The Dukan diet is beloved because you can eat real food and you do not need to be so specific about counting calories.


You eat just proteins in this phase such as chicken, lean beef and most fish such as tuna and salmon. If you feel your vigor flagging you are allowed to drink one calorie soft drinks. You can also eat things such as crab sticks to keep hunger at bay. This phase only lasts from two to five days and most people will lose from two to five pounds on it. This will give you a great deal of satisfaction and encourage you to continue with the diet.

A lot of people eat a lot on the first day or two of the diet. This is partly psychological. If you are on a diet, you know that you cannot eat some of the things that you like, so you can compensate by eating more of the things that you are allowed.

After the first concentrate of days, you will probably decree down and not be tempted to eat as much as you did and then you will start to lose weight.

Once you weigh yourself after the first five or seven days, you will probably be surprised at how much weight you have lost and as mentioned before this will encourage you to continue with the diet and lose even more weight.

Avoiding Constipation

It is a good idea to drink plenty of water to avoid constipation whilst on the diet.

Dukan Diet Forums

Whilst on the diet you will gain a lot by finding out how other Dukan dieters are getting on and how they have over come problems that you may face by reading the Dukan diet forums.

You can also have a good read through these forums before you start, to give you more of an understanding in to this diet and how it has helped millions of people.

Dukan Diet - attack Phase Success



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