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devotee Cleanse Diet reveal - Why's, Do's and Dont's

Avid dieters in the world should have known the definition of Lemonade diet a.k.a devotee Cleanse diet. In a nutshell, it's a diet that want you to drink lemonade drink, tea and salt water in order to cleanse your body from toxins and finally fat.

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Since it's a diet that requires fasting, many dieters have vouched against the devotee cleanse diet. Most of the reasons behind this hatred against devotee cleanse diet are:


1. You will just lose water weight not fat. 2. Your body will lack severely of nutrition. 3. You will probably gain your weight right away after your fasting period is over.

However not all dieters are created equal. For some dieters, like me, weight loss is a matter of life and death in some situations. Sometime we need to get slim quick in order to save our faces in community events or other personal reasons. That's why this fasting diet is still favorite although many dieticians have vouched against it. Few people understand that weight loss is sometimes we want to trade with short term suffering.

Beyonce Knowles herself has undertaken this diet in order to get her shaped up for Dreamgirls filming. And with Beyonce telling Oprah that she used this diet, this diet is getting more and more popular.

So I began my fasting in accordance with the diet, and although it was hard but I experienced 10 pounds decrease in approximately 2 weeks.

Here's the Do's and Dont's for devotee cleanse diet.


-Eat raw vegetables and fruits if your hunger is unbearable.

-Eat a minuscule supply of carbohydrate twice in a week fasting. (Baked potato, brown rice, sushi)

-Drink your laxative tea in the night regularly.

-Drink approx 4 glasses of water everyday. You need water to make sure you don't face dehydration.

-Use freshly squeezed lemon juice.

-Focus on cleansing your body from toxins and weight loss will come naturally.


-Drink the saltwater beverage that the diet requires you to. The conjecture is that the saltwater can threaten your body metabolism by forcing you to excrete more water. Laxative tea is already enough.

-Undertake heavy practice that force you to sweat a lot.

-Drink the lemonade two times more than you drink the water.

-Mix this diet with cabbage soup diet or other fad diet.

-Eat high sugary snacks while the diet.

-Focus on losing weight while the fasting, you will end up starving yourself more than ever.

-Eat too much after your fasting period. Adjust your eating measure gradually.

-Don't do this diet for more than 2 weeks without resting.

By following the do's and dont's that I mentioned above you should be able to follow in the devotee cleanse diet. And always remember that the purpose is to cleanse your body, don't worry about weight loss. It will come plainly together with the cleansing.

Good luck and happy dieting!

devotee Cleanse Diet reveal - Why's, Do's and Dont's



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