Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Can the Mediterranean Diet Help Prevent Cancer?

One of my hospital stays lasted 32 consecutive days. During that time I lost 60 pounds. Not the best way to loose weight. Actually, even though I was overweight, I never tried to diet. I used to say, "I could live on steak and potatoes for the rest of my life." I also enjoyed a glass of wine with dinner and very rich deserts after dinner.

Most of my regular readers know, that prior to my cancer, I did not pay any attention to health issues. Not only did I have a very unhealthy diet, I also smoked 2 packs of non filter cigarettes a day for over 50 years.


Even after being declared "Cancer Free" I continued to smoke. I told you I was not too bright when it came to my health. The fact that my primary cancer was in my tonsils, you would think I would have associated my cancer with smoking. I didn't.

On one of my follow up visits with my Ear, Nose, and Throat doctor, he said to me. "John, if you don't quit smoking. The cancer will come back." He added. "I'm not saying it may come back, I'm saying it WILL come back." That scared me" I quit smoking.

Shortly thereafter I started gaining back the 60 pounds I had lost. I decided I would have to go on a diet if I wanted to loose that weight. However, by now I was keenly aware of the importance of having good nutritional eating habits. I knew certain foods were proven to help protect against cancer. Could I find a diet that would be healthy and help protect me from a recurrence of cancer, and at the same time help me loose weight?

I searched and found one, The Mediterranean Diet. One of the things I like about the Mediterranean diet is that it allows you to have a glass of wine with dinner and I really enjoy my glass of wine with dinner.

I suspect that many people starting out on a new diet wonder if they made the right choice. I was thinking about that while watching the evening news. WBZ-TV's Dr. Mallika Marshall was talking about the Mediterranean Diet. She confirmed for me that I had made the right choice. She directed the viewers to go to WBZ's website for more information on the Mediterranean Diet; I did and fount the following to be very informative videos.

Just what is the Mediterranean Diet?

This is from Stanford University

The ideal Mediterranean diet is based on the dietary patterns of the people of Crete in the early 1950s and late 1960s. The Mediterranean diet, as the name expresses, is characteristic of the foods that are commonly available in this region.

Can the Mediterranean Diet Help Prevent Cancer?



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