Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Top 7 Reasons To Avoid Soda If You're Diabetic

The greatest single source of calories in the United States today comes from soda consumption.

Referred to as ‘liquid candy’ or ‘diabetes in a can’, a typical American guzzles 400 12- ounce cans of Coke, Pepsi, Dr. Pepper, 7 Up or other highly sugared water, per year.


Unfortunately, with the growing popularity of these brands, there’s a growing stack of scientific evidence that a key ingredient in these popular drinks is unhealthy at best and in the long run, possibly lethal.

High fructose corn syrup (HFCS), the primary sweetener in a wide range of products today, is the sugaring agent of choice among soda producers.

It’s cheaper than sugar, so manufacturers love it. But your body doesn’t.

Here’s why:

#1 It’s high in calories, “playing a role in the epidemic of obesity”; Louisiana State University study

#2 May increase the risk of Type 2 diabetes, by depleting chromium*, an essential mineral that helps maintain healthy blood sugar levels and minimize the onset of diabetes; Beijing Medical University study, Harvard School of Public Health

#3 May increase the risk of colorectal cancer in women; Journal of National Cancer Institute

#4 May increase your risk of esophageal cancer; TATA Memorial Hospital study, India

#5 Appears to increase cardiovascular problems; University of Minnesota, USDA Human Nutrition Research

#6 Interferes with absorption of copper, an essential mineral needed to create hemoglobin in red blood cells; USDA Human Nutrition Research study

#7 Plays a “major role in dental decay, filling and tooth loss”; Oregon Dental Association

For more information about the impact of chromium and diabetic health, go to [].

Top 7 Reasons To Avoid Soda If You're Diabetic



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