Saturday, November 12, 2011

Delivery Day Packing List For the Hospital

It is a good idea to make a packing list for your hospital trip when you are getting ready to give birth to your baby. There are the obvious things you will need and your baby will need, but there are plenty of things that will make your hospital stay more enjoyable that you may not be thinking of.

One thing to put on the packing list is an ipod and some kind of docking station for it. You will not have anything to keep your mind off what is going on. There are nurses and doctors in and out of your room and you are most likely hooked up to a machine to monitor the baby and you. You need a good relaxation technique and for a lot of people that is music.


You will remember to pack clothing, but will you know what kind of clothing will be most functional and comfortable? Nursing Gowns are a delivery day Mommy's best friend. You will not have to wear the hospital issued ripped and stained garb for one. The function in a nursing gown is great for you and for nursing. Whether you have a vaginal birth or a c-section, you will be healing and need a loose fit garment for the day and night after the birth of your baby. Stitches heal much better with air and are much more tolerable without clothing pinching up next to them. The nursing function is a must because that is essentially all you will be doing while you are in the hospital. Nursing and trying to nurse is essential for milk production in the hours after delivery.

The second day of your hospital stay is most times your last day. You will need clothing to wear home, but keep in mind that check out is a long process and lasts half the day if not the whole day. You will be more comfortable in a nursing top and some kind of fold over lounge pants than your maternity clothing. You have waited all this time to get out of that clothing right? Depending on the season, pack your most loose fitting and comfortable nursing top for all those hours of waiting you will be doing before checkout.

In case you are not comfortable in the top and bottom outfit, you may also want to consider packing a nursing dress that is suitable for public and comfortable for healing. A loose fitting casual nursing dress could be much more comfortable than pants.

Don't forget about Dad! Most hospitals don't provide too much comfort fixings for Dad to be. If you pack a sleeping bag and pillow for him, that will be more than the hospital provides. Any kind of fold up cot or small air mattress could be a big help too. It also never hurts to have a cooler of snacks on hand - for both Mom and Dad.

Delivery Day Packing List For the Hospital



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