Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Does the Dr Ian Smith 4 Day Diet Work?

Dr. Ian Smith is the same person who started the illustrious 50,000,000 lb. Challenge. He is now back with what he calls the 4 day diet. Its aim is to reprogram you to eat better. In this diet you go through 7 phases where you modify the types of food you eat in each one. In this record we will feature each phase to talk the query does the 4 day diet work?

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Each of these phases last 4 days each


Phase 1: This is the first and hardest most restrictive phase that requires the most discipline. You are Drastically changing your eating and this is pretty much a cleaning out detox phase. The idea behind it is that you are beginning from a clean slate and cleaning out your whole ideas to start fresh. It requires much discipline but you can lose some good weight in this phase.

Phase 2: This is when you begin to learn new eating habits. You eat healthy unprocessed whole grain foods and veggies. This phase also takes some getting used to and you can sometimes feel deprived. You learn to eat healthier and still feel full.

Phase 3: This is where it becomes a small easier because you get to add in protein. Meats that are lean and fish, milk and eggs are on the list.

Phase 4: This is where it gets fun and Much more relaxed. Although you aren't supposed to go crazy you are allowed to eat pretty much what you want. You are allowed to eat bad foods and not be so precise on yourself for the full 4 days. Be careful not to put the weight you lost back on.

Phase 5: In this phase you go back to a restrictive diet and food menu.

Phase 6: This is an additional one more calm phase where you are allowed to eat more foods and is less restrictive.

Phase 7: In this phase you again go precise to lose those last few pounds.

The biggest advantage to this diet is its lack of repetitiveness. You are enduringly changing your foods and strictness with each phase. This can also be a disadvantage as you are all the time doing a yo yo in the middle of foods, phases and strictness!

Does the Dr Ian Smith 4 Day Diet Work?



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