Thursday, September 1, 2011

Bland Dog Food Diets

If you have been having trouble with your dog and their diet, you may want to consider bland dog food diets to help with some health issues. Often you will find that a dog ends up with an issue with their bowels that makes their stool loose, with a bland diet you will be able to control this, and bring them back to health in no time. Finding what works for these types of issues is nothing more than trial and error, but you will definitely want to speak to the vet to be sure that you do not inadvertently make the problem worse.

Heavy Staples


Bland dog food diets usually consist of heavy staples such as: oatmeal, rice, or corn meal. When you use one or all of these in conjunction with rice and or chicken or ground beef, you will make a thick meal that will settle the dog's tummy and intestines quickly and safely. This type of diet has been recommended by vets for a number of years, and this is what you usually serve young puppies when they are under physical stress from issues such as flights or long drives. This is something that is very simple to make for your dog, and you can be sure that it is not going to sit in their bowl long. This type of diet will help your dog become firm, and will be exactly what you are trying to attempt. If the dog has loose stool, they are not actually taking what they need from any specific foods and they will soon become weak.

Not Store Bought

When it comes to a bland dog food diet, it is important to note that this is not something that is store bought. There are many foods on the market today that claim that they are designed to do what this diet does but it simply is not the case as they are ineffective. The best recipe for this problem is the one that is made at home, and you can use fresh and hearty ingredients. This will bring your dog back to where they need to be with their waste management. If you leave this too long, the dog may not want to eat anything that you try to offer them. The dog will soon not have the strength to do much, so it is in your best interest to give them something that tastes good and will pack them up a bit.

Similar To Humans

A bland dog food diet is actually something quite similar to what a human would consume if they needed to stop a bowel issue. This is something that kind of plugs up the works a bit, and makes everything a little heavier. This is what your body needs, so you need to understand that this is more than likely what they need as well when they have this type of problem. Good solid foods that will be healthy for them are the best measure for the issues that they are dealing with.

Bland Dog Food Diets



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