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What is the Hgc Diet and is the Hgc Diet Safe?

Hgc Diet: Amazingly Fast Weight Loss

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The headlines " Lose 1 to 2 lbs. A Day" caught my eye! I began reading about a diet plan that I had never heard of before, well, I had heard about it just a few minutes ago when my Wife asked me if I'd like to lose 30 pounds in 30 days, that's why I was researching the hGc diet. It's kind of funny, because all the articles I was reading seemed to point out the dangers of the hGc diet with authors lamenting the woes of ultimate low calorie dieting but the comments below articles all seemed positive, most of the commentators were extolling the virtues of this diet and how they had finally lost weight after years of trying and lost it amazingly fast.


Hgc Diet: in fact It's hCg

Actually it is the hCg diet and not the hGc diet. hCg stands for Human chronic Gonadotropin which is a hormone that is made by the cells in the placenta. during a woman's reproduction this hormone helps in the development of the placenta and in the development of gonads in the growing fetus. It is present in both men and women but during pregnancy, the levels in women skyrocket. The hCg hormone also causes the hypothalamus to mobilize the fat cells, in other words open them for business. This helps supply nourishment to the growing baby from the mother's fat cells. This is where the idea of using this hormone for dieting came from. Also its natural occurrence in the body and its use in weight loss the hCg hormone is also used in treating infertility in both men and women.

Hgc Diet: Is the Hgc Diet in fact Ok To Try?

If a person could consume enough hCg to cause of their fat cells to "open for business" and they could incorporate that with a low-calorie diet, voila, dramatic weight loss would occur. The system was that the body would turn to the open fat cells for fuel when it was denied calories from the regular diet.

The ask still remains is the diet safe? Many so-called experts out there decry this diet as risky and unsafe. They point to several reasons along with the fact that the Fda has not approved this hormone for a weight-loss. (Although it is approved for infertility treatments and reproduction connected issues.) They also point out that 500 calories a day does not supply enough vigor to even run your brain let alone your whole body. They claim this could cause severe organ damage, and that such a low calorie diet will cause your body to cannibalize its muscle tissues for energy. To add a final nail to the coffin, these experts claim that you'll at last become so hungry you'll give in and go on an eating binge. The fact is, most of these authors do not know what they're talking about. They are basing their a knee-jerk reactions on the isolate factors of this diet rather than insight the diet as a whole.

Hgc Diet: 500 Calorie-A-Day Diets Are Dangerous

A 500 calorie-a-day diet by itself would be risky and in fact would do damage to your body organs and lean muscle tissues. But what they failed to take into list is the operation the hCg hormone takes on the hypothalamus which then in turn activates the fat cells to accept or issue fat. Since the body is only receiving 500 calories of food fuel a day it turns to the fat stored in it cells. Since the hypothalamus has made this fat effortlessly available, the body makes up the calorie deficit by engaging its own fat, up to 2000 to 2,500 calories of fat a day.

Hcg Diet: Bad Experiences?

People who have a bad experience normally have not followed strictly the instructions that come with the diet. The hCg diet is quite unforgiving and demands that you corollary the instructions to the letter! Since you're fat cells are open for company you can not cheat. Any cheating will lead to immediate weight gain. This is both a curse and a blessing. The blessing comes from the fact that you don't cheat so the fat melts off your body. Because of the operation of the hormone you are rewarded every morning when you step on the scales. I have been on this diet twice and both times had great success. I lost 60 lbs. In as many days.

Having said all of this, I will effortlessly admit that this diet is not for every person and I could not perhaps know how each individual will react to the hormone and to the hGc diet itself but if you use tasteless sense and stop dieting if you feel weak, dizzy, or have any other negative side effects you should be Ok. Millions of pregnant women colse to the world have significantly higher levels of this hormone coursing through their veins than you will ever have during the period of this diet. But if you are seeing for rapid, safe weight-loss perhaps you should reconsider trying this method.

What is the Hgc Diet and is the Hgc Diet Safe?



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