Friday, September 23, 2011

Digestion and Diet - What Happens When This is Incomplete?

Eat the right food and promote digestion. Eating it right is not an art but just a diet regime that you need to follow. If you follow what is written in this article, you will definitely get benefited and promote good eating habits too. If you experience frequent stomach problems or stomach upset, see if your food contains chamomile or pepper mint, avoid them if it is present in your diet. It is also important to keep exercising because this can help digestion as well.

It is essential that the food you consume must be broken down into small parts. If not such food molecules which are not broken down will enter the blood stream. Your body treats it as a foreign body and there would be a repulsion to indigested food. You will also suffer from food allergies and intolerance, bloating, heartburn, gas, constipation and diarrhea and other symptoms. Other symptoms which may appear in few are headaches, fatigue, muscle pain, heart disease, obesity, eczema, and hyperactivity, asthma and environmental allergies.


Boost your digestive system by eating legumes, grains which are sprouted. Add vegetables and fruits in your snacks. Raw meat, unpasteurised milk products, vegetables and fruits contain excess of live enzymes which promote digestion and absorb vital nutrients and minerals needed by your body.

Tips to improve you digestive system:

Eat less amount of food

Add raw food to your diet

Nutritional plant enzymes is a great idea

Eat small amount of same food and add more variety in vegetables.

Drinking water is good, but avoid water consumption half an hour before or after you eat your food. Any liquid with meals may actually dilute digestive juices and make digestion more difficult. Instead of normal tea you can have herbal tea to boost your digestive system. Warm water after 30 minutes of food consumption is also good. Promote good eating habits!

Digestion and Diet - What Happens When This is Incomplete?



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