Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Diet Pills for Women - Which One is for Me?

With the changing lifestyle, women all over the world are suffering with the qoute of obesity. When no amount of diet control or exercise regimen helps, women turn towards the favorite and much advertised diet pills. However, different diet pills work in dissimilar ways and the fact that a pill worked magically for your friend dosen't necessarily mean that it will work for you. To know, which is the right one to suit your ody type, you have to first get aquainted with the assorted ways in which these pills work.

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There are three categories of weight loss supplements:


Calorie Burners: These consist of stimulants, so they temporarily increase your metabolism and make you burn more calories. But they also often increase your heart rate, blood pressure, and anxiety. Commonly, the sufficient ingredient in these aids is caffeine, green tea, guarana, or the most dangerous one, the "natural herbal" selection called ma huang or ephedra. However, there are no ifs ands or buts women who have successfully lost weight with ephedra or ma huang without serious side effects.

Appetite Suppressants: These consist of many of the calorie burning stimulants listed above, along with Citrimax (fruit from Garcinia cambogia) and Cla (Conjugated Linoleic Acid). Studies show that Citrimax appears to be a safe selection and suppresses appetite in some women, and may help the user to not fetch weight. Cla also appears safe and may or may not be helpful. Many of the prescribe weight loss drugs, like Redux, Phen-Phen, Meridia, and Buproprion (or Wellbutrin) control by decreasing the appetite. But some are associated to serious side effects (such as Phen-Phen and heart valve damage). In general, maximum weight loss ordinarily occurs within six months of using appetite suppressants. Clinical studies recommend that if a patient does not lose at least 4 pounds over 4 weeks on a single appetite suppressant, then the particular diet pill is unlikely to help the patient accomplish any essential weight loss.

Absorption Blockers: These products block your intestine from captivating whether carbohydrates (Carbo Blockers) or fats (Chitosan), so that more of what goes in comes out. Carbo blockers are often made from soybeans or white kidney beans, which sound safe. But studies have shown a loss of copper and zinc from the body, and no proven weight loss. Plus, if it does work by carrying the fat out "with the trash," it also may take along the fat-soluble vitamins you just ate (such as vitamins A, D, E and K).

You can chose any of the above options, but the universal truth remains that any type of diet pill works best when coupled with exercise and salutary eating habits. Generally, weight loss does not happen as no ifs ands or buts or swiftly as many of the diet aid fellowships imply. The fact that a weight loss pill is sold over-the-counter does not ensure that it is safe for everyone. Because they are carefully "nutritional supplements," the Fda does not test most of these products, so you cannot be distinct that what the label says is what is in the bottle! Plus, the claim that a diet aid is "all natural" or "herbal" is not a certify of safety. The last word of caution says that women who are pregnant or breastfeeding should not use diet aids.

Diet Pills for Women - Which One is for Me?



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