Monday, September 12, 2011

Free Diet Meal Plans - Free Calorie Shifting Diet Meal Plans

If you are looking for free diet meal plans for Calorie Shifting diet, then you have found the right place. In this article, I'll be telling you what is Calorie Shifting all about and after that I'll give you a sample menu of this diet.

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Firstly, what is Calorie Shifting? Calorie Shifting is a diet plan that combines the idea of curious low calorie to lose weight and boosting your metabolism. If you have been dieting on a low calorie diet before, you will know that after some time, your metabolism will start falling, you will feel lethargic and you starts to lose less weight. This extra diet helps to avoid all these problems.


The Calorie Shifting diet eliminated all these question by requiring you to alternate your caloric intake everyday. Sometimes, you will be eating high calorie food and exceed your daily requirement, and sometimes you will be eating very low calorie food. By doing so, your body will still be receiving "I'm getting enough calorie" signal, thus will not lower your metabolism. By doing so, you'll be able to lose weight on an averagely low calorie diet without facing the question of low metabolism, thus, allowing you to lose weight more efficiently and achieve longer result.

So, I have introduced you the diet plan. And below is one of the example of the free diet meal plans. The calorie need is based on an average adult (2000 calorie of daily requirement). It is truly very important to merge this idea in your daily diet. What you need to do is to monitor your daily calorie intake thought about and fluctuate it up and down to get the consequent of shifting calories.

Day 1 : 1300
Day 2 : 1300
Day 3 : 1800
Day 4 : 2100
Day 5 : 1800
Day 6 : 1300
Day 7 : 2100

Free Diet Meal Plans - Free Calorie Shifting Diet Meal Plans



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