Sunday, September 25, 2011

Proper Diet Can Prevent Kidney Stones

Kidney Stone according to those who experience it, is very excruciating. Aside from its very painful symptom, it is also life threatening. To avoid having kidney stones, you have to watch out your diet precisely.

It is proven that diet is the key to a healthy body especially your kidneys. A study finds that a diet that is more in vegetables and fruits together with low-fat dairy helps lessen your risk of developing kidney stones. The study also shows that calcum, a major component of stones, can be prevented by calcium-rich diet.


Although some stones can be treated by means of medication, most cases are still required an operation. But the bad news is, those who suffered from the disease has high probability of suffering the same disease within 10 years.

But why this stones usually recur? Because they don't changed their habit. It is important not only to kidney stone cases, that a change of lifestyle must be done after any major medical treatment. This includes changes in habits like proper diet, regular exercise and adequate water consumption which is very important in kidney care.

Medical experts says that water really helps in preventing kidney stones recurrent. Along with plant rich diet, water is an effective way to treat and prevent several kidney diseases especially stones. This strategy has helped millions of kidney-ill patients worldwide and its been a regular suggestion of most physicians.

Experts also suggests that calcium-rich foods such as fat milk and yogurt are very important to prevent this kidney disease. Although stones are partially made up of calcium, there are scientific studies that shows it can lower the risk of having this disease.

Medical explanation has been linked to oxalate, a waste product in the gut. The dietary calcium binds with oxalate and begin to crystallized. This crystallized form exits the body through urine before it forms into kidney stones.

But this study is just the tip of the iceberg. The real natural treatment for kidney stones prevention is proper and healthy diet. That is the best way to reduced the risk of this disease plus added protection from other harmful illnesses.

An increased intake of fruits, vegetables, nuts, low-fat dairy products and whole grains are all beneficial to kidney health. Plus lower consumption of meats, sweetened and processed beverages can maximize your chance of not suffering from the disease.

People who adhered most to this kind of eating habit were significantly less likely to develop this disease, the study added. Diet rich in fruits and vegetables increases fluid intake, which is known to be beneficial. Also, some vitamins and minerals found in plant foods are said to inhibit the formation of kidney stones.

This only proves that you can treat and prevent some of the deadly diseases known to man by just eating the right foods. With diet alone, you already have an alternative weapon to fight deadly diseases especially kidney stones.

Proper Diet Can Prevent Kidney Stones



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